PICCOLO-2 Watch Winder & Adapter Kit


PICCOLO-2 Watch Winder & Adapter Kit


With the PICCOLO-2 Watch Winder Modular System, you are able to add up to four modules without the need for any connecting wires whatsoever, apart from the adapter which powers the first one.


  • Watch winder for one automatic watch

  • Plexiglass Cover

  • Green LED indicates operating status

  • Three rotation programmes:

  • Rotation to the right, the left or alternating

  • Four interval programmes:

  • a) Rotation for 33 seconds followed by 12 minutes rest

  • b) Rotation for 10 minutes followed by 90 minutes rest

  • c) Rotation for 30 minutes followed by 3 hours rest

  • d) Rotation for 1 hour followed by 3 hours rest

Dimensions (wxhxd): 10 x 14.7 x 12.8 cm

  • Weight : 0,5 Kg

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